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Coaching-Sessions in denen Wissentransfer zu verschiedenen Themen rund um Daten, Datascience, Digitalisierung & Softwaredevelopement, Agile Methoden und Marktdisruption in ~2h Blöcken vermittelt wird. Ziel ist es ein Bewusstsein für Probelematiken und Lösungen in der Frührungsebene zu schaffen. Ziel ist es mit dem Kunden zusammen Handlungsschwerpunkte zu erarbeiten und eine top-level Roadmap für Transformation und Innovation im Unternehmen zu erstellen.

Learn how your data can become a cornerstone of your business and how to utilize them for your growth!

Understand drivers of disruptive change and how institutional innovation can make your business thrive!

Use our experience to build a framework for innovation and leverage the skills you already have! 

Profit from or expertise and gain insight into the tools that make smart and data driven decisions possible!

Identify fields to quickly and effectively start your digital journey to become better tomorrow!

Ignite Change & Innovation

Collaborate closely with our experts to identify key areas of focus and develop a high-impact roadmap for transformation, ensuring your organization thrives in the face of change and drives innovation forward.

Lead with insight

Stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape with comprehensive knowledge transfer covering crucial topics like AI, data science, digitalization, and market disruption.

Empower Your Leadership

Gain essential insights and actionable strategies to empower your management team, fostering stronger decision-making and leadership capabilities.


Spark innovation with our workshops and be part of shaping your 
organization’s future!


Empower your team to innovate: push boundaries, explore ideas, map roadmaps, and lead digital transformation in our tailored workshops.


Transform your business with Innovation Catalyst, offering expert coaching, dynamic workshops, and cutting-edge MVP design to thrive in disruption through harnessing data science, AI, and digital tech.

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