Data Science

We place data science at the heart of our data services. Efficient and custom data solutions help our clients innovate and succeed.

The power of Data Science

With our Data Intelligence, we model the data and provide our customers with hypotheses and models for important use cases like the development of diseases or the effectiveness and the optimal allocation of drugs. Besides our experienced staff in software development and data analytics, we bring experts in the fields of microbiology, oncology, psychology or mathematics.

Data science consulting

Data consulting helps identify revenue streams, enhance customer service, understand the problem better and so much more.

Data modeling

Data modeling helps us organize and model the data in a way that is easier and more efficient.

Solution deployment

We provide an end-to-end solution and support the product as much as needed after deployment.

Life Science

We collaborate with the company’s teams closely throughout the innovation process cycle. From problem ideation, curation, use case development, customer validation and proof of concept buildout, launch, and reiteration.

We are long-term partners of the world's largest biotech company, Roche.

Case Studies

xValue has helped companies and organisations achieve great results using innovation, data science and technology. Here are a few examples of our many successful projects.


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